4 BBL Electric Brew House & Cellar Tanks

This system includes a 4BBL electric brew house, controls, pumps, fermenters, and a brite tank. The controls include Brewmation's Advanced touchscreen interface been have been configured for 208V, 3-Phase power with a 150A feed, and can be factory reconfigured for different power requirements (additional costs may apply.)  Interlocks will enable seven 6kW elements to run simultaneously. Normal operation will allow four heaters (24kW) to run in the HLT or four to run in the kettle.

The system was purchased by the current (original) owner in 2018 and has been well maintained. They have since upgraded to a larger system and are offering this system at a discounted price to make room for some new fermenters.


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Included Items

The system includes the following items:

Brewhouse Tanks:

  • 4BBL open top mash tun with sparge arm
  • 190G brew kettle, dome topped. Includes condensate stack and spray ball.


  • Water pump: 1/2HP motor, Topline C100 external seal pump
  • Wort pump: 1/2HP motor, Ampco CB+114 internal seal pump
  • (2) peristaltic pumps, 2.2GPM

Brew House Controls:

  • Advanced touchscreen controls for 24kW electric brew house
  • Wired for 208V, 3-phase, 150A power
  • Includes 24kW brew kettle heating elements
  • Fixed speed controls for water and wort pumps
  • Variable speed controls for peristaltic pumps
  • Brewmation Turnkey Package for 4BBL system

Cellar Tanks:

  • (3) 4BBL conical fermenters, jacketed, with parts kit
  • (1) 4BBL brite tank, jacketed, with parts kit

Listed Price:

Estimated Value:

Additional Equipment

Additional items (not included in pricing) that will be needed to complete this system:

  • Hot liquor tank
  • HLT heating elements, temperature probe, and float switch
  • Pump rack
  • Plate chiller
  • Controls for cellar tanks
  • Pressure relief valves and gauges for cellar tanks
  • Glycol chiller
  • Glycol valves
  • Mobile cart pump

Estimated Cost: $TBD

Factory Refurbish

The equipment was in working condition until it was decommissioned after being in use for two years. Brewmation offers factory refurbishing on this used equipment to bring it to a Like New condition. This is recommended on all used equipment and includes:

Controls & Panel Refurbish

  • Functional test of interface and internal components (same testing done on new equipment)
  • Installation of any modifications and upgrades, per the request of the buyer, to meet functional requirements
  • UL re-listing for the new owner's location (will be required by inspector)
  • Comes with a 6-month warranty from Brewmation on control components
  • Heating element replacement
  • New elements for brew kettle. Includes (4) 6kW elements with tri-clamp fittings
  • Check wiring and connections

Pump Refurbish

  • Replace seals and tubing
  • Clean internal components
  • Test for proper operation

Estimated Cost: $3,100 (to be determined based on your requirements)

Optional Equipment

  • Flow meter & strike water valve
  • Oxygenation assembly
  • Keg washer
  • Keg filling manifold
  • Cellar Management Module
  • Additional cellar tanks
  • Grain mill

Estimated Cost: $TBD

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