CIP Carts

When the brew day is done, the cleaning begins. Our innovative CIP cart makes easy work of cleaning so you can get to that post-shift. Available in a range of sizes to fit your brewery's demands.

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75G CIP cart

Cleaning just went mobile

Let's face it, brewers spend a lot of time cleaning - the last thing you want to do after a brew day. So we rethought mobile CIP systems to get the job done faster and better than any system out there. Standard cleaning systems heat the caustic in the CIP tank, then pump the heated caustic into the tank to be cleaned. As the caustic is recaptured in the CIP tank, the temperature of the caustic will rapidly decrease below the manufacturer's specifications, no longer providing the cleaning power to get the job done.

Brewmation's innovative in-line heating tube heats the caustic to the set temperature during circulation, ensuring the temps never drop below their functional limits.

After the caustic rinse, the sanitizer pump kicks in to rinse and recirculate your brew tank.




Below are the approximate dimensions for the CIP carts:
75 Gallon CIP Cart
75 Gallon CIP - UL/cUL Controls
Downward facing return on 75 Gallon CIP
20 gallon CIP cart with Basic Controls
20G inline heating element heats caustic before transfer to brew tank to maintin caustic temp
20 gallon CIP cart with small footprint fits in any brewery
Integrated control panel to set caustic temp and control pump speed

What size is right for me?

The right CIP system is dependent on a number of factors, including the size of the tanks you will be cleaning, the geometry (conical or dished bottom) of the tanks, and the rated flow rate for the spray balls or nozzles that came with your tanks. An properly sized CIP cart will provide a sufficient volume of water at the rated flow rate while maintaining enough liquid in the tank to prevent vortexing, which will introduce air into the CIP pump.

The following provided for basic guidance:
Custom sizes are available - give us a call to figure out which size is right for you!

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