Pilot Pro

Whether you're adding a pilot system to your existing brewery, expanding your micro or nano-brewery, or looking to take your home brewing game to the next level, the Pilot Pro skid system is the perfect wingman.

1 BBL Skid System - $18,626
2 BBL Skid System - $29,149

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Pilot Pro 1 BBL brew system

Now with non-stop service from HLT to BK

The BBL Pilot Pro is the all-in-one brew house, perfect for a new micro or nano-brewery or as a pilot system for your existing brewery. Available in 1BBL and 2BBL systems, this hard piped electric brew house comes complete with a hot liquor tank, mash tun, boil kettle, two Chugger pumps, a stainless steel counter-flow wort chiller, and sanitary fittings, all mounted on a rigid frame for easy installation. Each system is available as a skid system for mobility and simplicity or non-skid (soft or hard-piped) for a added flexibility. The integrated controls are available as either a Basic panel for a low-cost solution, or an Advanced panel with a touchscreen interface (7" or 12") for a higher level of automation.

Don't let the cost fool you, this system is packed with pro features. We've taken our experience building 3BBL - 30BBL brew houses and built the Pilot Pro with everything you need to simplify your brew day and improve your beer. No other small-batch system can match the features, safety, and performance of the Pilot Pro.

Brew House Design


Mash Tun

Brew Kettle

Pilot Pro 1BBL System with Advanced 12" Touchscreen Controls
Oversized 57 gallon HLT with HERMS coil, tangential inlet, & horizontal heating elements
40 gallon mash tun with domed perforated false bottom & 3 upper recirculation ports
Rectangular manway provides easy access for grain out. Domed false bottom with handle.
Digital flow meter measures strike water volume from HLT to mash tun
Sight glass on mash tun recirculation to check wort clarity
Two frame-mounted Chugger pumps for water and wort transfer
Counter-flow wort chiller for knock-out
Post-knockout temperature guage to measure temperature into fermenter

Controls & Safety

Complete Your Brewery

Add these items to your Pilot Pro brew house to complete your system:

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