Heating Elements

Brewmation's ultra-low watt density heating elements are manufactured in the US and are specifically designed for the brewing industry. We machine the bases out of 316 stainless creating a tri-clamp fitting. This eliminates any threads or adapters. The elements also have an extended "dead" zone immediately after the tri-clamp adapter keeping the heating area inside the tank and not in the tri-clamp port.

We also offer traditional heating elements with the 1" stainless threads for tanks that do not have tri-clamp fittings.

When ordering, it is important to match your voltage with the element. For example, if a 6KW element that is rated for 240V is operated at 208V, the actual wattage will be 4.5K. Likewise, if a 5.5K element that is rated for 208V is operated at 240V the actual wattage will be 7.3K and would overload a 30A circuit.

The junction boxes for the tri-clamp heating elements are machined to fit the base and include sealing O-rings and mounting screws. Cords are also available with twist lock plugs.

When elements, junction boxes, and cords are ordered together they will be pre-assembled prior to shipping.

Tri-Clamp Heating Elements

6000W Heating Elements - Tri-Clamp
$ 112.00 USD
5500W Heating Elements - Tri-Clamp
$ 112.00 USD
15000W Heating Elements - Tri-Clamp
$ 300.00 USD

Threaded Heating Elements

6000W Heating Elements - Threaded
$ 40.00 USD
5500W Heating Elements - Threaded
$ 40.00 USD

Heating Elements Accesories

6/4 Cord & Twist Lock Plug
$ 222.00 USD
10/3 Cord & Twist Lock Plug
$ 86.00 USD
Junction Box - Tri-Clamp
$ 68.00 USD