Cellar Controls

Remote access, monitoring, and data collection now available as an upgrade to new and existing Advanced Cellar panels!

Ask us how to upgrade your cellar controls!

brewery control panel with laptop and mobile device
  • Remote Access
  • Connect to local network for remote access via VNC
  • Remotely monitor temperatures for each tank
  • Remotely monitor temperatures trends for each tank
  • Remotely change setpoints
  • Access via computer or mobile device
  • mobile device with brewing software
  • Temperature Alerts & Protection
  • High and low alarm alerts and protection
  • Set a high and low temp setting for each tank
  • Warning levels trigger an email or text notification
  • Shut down level that will close all solenoids during an over temperature condition, based on tank or glycol temperature
  • Fermentation Profile Scheduler
  • Set up to four temperature set points per tank
  • Schedule set point changes based on a time schedule (days/hours)
  • Choose ramp period for each set point change
  • Ramp as fast as possible or evenly between scheduled set points
  • Change set points at any time, locally or via remote access
  • Data Logging & Charts
  • Record temperature for each tank throughout fermentations
  • Create graphs/charts of fermentation profile
  • Store data locally or on cloud storage
  • See temperature trends in real time locally or via remote access
  • Fermentation Summary Reports
  • Generate summary reports of each fermentation upon completions
  • Capture average fermentation temperature, low temperature, high temperature, alarm instances, and complete data table
  • Automatically email data and summary report at the end of each fermentation

Upgrade your existing Brewmation panels

All Advanced Panels are available with either an on-board touch screen PLC or with direct integration to your brew house's Advanced Controls touch screen via a network cable. The modular 8 or 12 point panels can be daisy chained via CAN bus communication, allowing limitless expansion to any number of tanks to be controlled.

If you already have a Brewmation Advanced Cellar or Brewery Panel, the Remote Access Module provides an easy way to upgrade your brewery. Give us a call to find out more.
Screenshot of brewery controls

Basic Stand-Alone

The workhorse of the cellar, our Basic Control panel is a stand alone unit housing individual digital controllers for each jacketed tank. The set point is changed via the controller's push button interface, sending a signal to the glycol valve to chill the tank as when temperature gets too high. Available in any number of modular control points with the ability to expand as your cellar grows, this no-frills control system gets the job done right.

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