Used Equipment

Buying Equipment?
For our customers who have outgrown their equipment, we offer a resale program to match them with a buyer. Because we only resell Brewmation systems, we are able to verify the specs for tanks, controls, and components to make sure the buyer knows every detail before purchasing. We inspect and test the controls, replacing components and modifying the electronics for new power requirements, if needed. All Brewmation components also can be refurbished and UL re-listed for their new location.

In certain cases, our customers will keep some of the components of their used system for their brewery. They may want to keep their HLT or pumps for their new system, or continue to use their glycol chiller and cellar controls. (See listings for details.) We will work with you to complete the system, providing you with a full turnkey brewery and saving you the time and trouble of piecing a system together.

Selling Equipment?
Ready to upgrade your system? Contact your Brewmation Brewery Specialist to list your equipment with us!

Current Listings

Below is a listing of used equipment that is available.

3 BBL Electric Brew House & Cellar Tanks
This complete system includes a 3BBL electric brew house, controls, pumps, fermenters, chiller, solenoids, and lots of extras. The system was purchased by the current (original) owner and has been well maintained. They are upgrading to a larger system and are offering this system at a discounted price to make room for some new fermenters. Located in NH, this is the perfect system for a new brewery looking for a deal.
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More used equipment will be posted as it becomes available. Check back soon!