Custom Brewery Solutions

Complete turnkey brew house, cellar, & control systems up to 30BBL
Broken Symmetry Gastro Brewery, CT

Turnkey Brewing Systems

Building turnkey breweries is what we do best. Just ask our customers.

From 1/2 BBL to 30 BBL setups, we'll do the work to specify and integrate all of the necessary pieces to put together your brewery. Our solutions are designed to be flexible to suit the needs of the business plan, the brewer, and the building.
Check out our Brewery Builder to get started building your turnkey brewing system today. We'll help you design your brewery around the following components:
For more information on turnkey brewing systems, check out our webinar presented at the Virtual Brewers Conference:
Turnkey Brew Houses - VBC2020 Webinar
5BBL brew system

Precision Crafted

The trusted brand behind over 1500 craft breweries
Mixed Breed Brewing, NY

Brew House Tanks

Choosing the right tanks to complement your brew house and controls is critical to our turnkey systems. We work closely with Stout Tanks and Kettles out of Portland, Oregon to match each brew house setup to your needs and controls. You'll get all the upgraded features you'd expect from your tank supplier, but with the option to customize based on your controls, brewery setup, space constraints, and brewing style.
3 BBL hot liquor tankInside view of 120G hot liquor tankOpen top mash tun5BBL mash tun7BBL boil kettle145G dome top boil kettl
Brewery Solutions
From brew house to cellar, Brewmation has the equipment and controls to get you up and brewing!