Webinar: Incorporating a Mash Filter Press into Your Brewery

In this webinar, we'll look at how incorporating a mash filter press into a craft brewery operation will increase brew house efficiency, reduce water usage and/or increase yield, reduce the length of your brew day, and enable the use of high-protein grain bills without the risk of stuck sparges.

Webinar: Incorporating a Mash Filter Press into Your Brewery

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Despite the long history using mash filter presses in large-scale brewing operations, most craft breweries still rely on a mash tun or mash/lauter tun to separate their spent grains from their wort. The filter press, however, can offer significant benefits to breweries ranging from 1BBLto 20BBL in size, including an increase in efficiency, reduction in water usage, use of high-protein grain bills without stuck sparges, and faster turns when double or triple batching.

In this webinar, we’ll look at the filter press and how it can be incorporated into craft brewing. We’ll start by discussing what a filter press is and how it works. We’ll than look at the advantages that it offers over a typical mash/lauter tun in terms of process efficiency and flexibility. Finally, we’ll look at what incorporating a filter press looks like for both new breweries and breweries that are looking to increase their capacity or optimize their process.

Getting the most from your filter press might require augmenting your system with additional equipment. But with the right setup, a filter press can be a valuable investment to craft brewer, saving you time, money, and the worry of a stuck sparge!