The Gladiator

Load your kegs, press start, and walk away - The Gladiator keg washer does the rest. It’ll even purge and pressurize your kegs with CO2 to your desired setpoint. With an industry-leading 24-step cleaning regimen that’s customizable per keg type, The Gladiator puts you in control.

Every keg. Every Time.


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A keg up on the competition.

We've partnered with Stout Tanks and Kettles to develop The Gladiator, a semi-automated 2-head keg cleaner that allows you to load 2 kegs, connect the valves, press start and walk away to perform other duties. The software controls ensure that the kegs are cleaned repeatably, and flexible parameter settings allow the user to customize the cleaning regimen per keg type to maximize throughput and cleanliness. Every keg washers is assembled and tested in our own manufacturing facility to the highest standards.

Doubles as a CIP

For breweries with smaller tanks, we've added a CIP upgrade module to our Gladiator Keg Washer. Ask us whether this is an option for your brewery!
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We can offer a full fleet of kegs as part of our turnkey systems, saving you on shipping costs and getting your beer flowing before you can say Gladiator. Our full range of offerings includes:
  • 1/6 BBL Kegs
  • 1/4 BBL Kegs
  • 50L BBL Kegs
  • 1/2 BBL Kegs
  • Firkings