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You might be tempted to think of Brewmation as a mom-and-pop shop...and you'd be right! The Brewmation team is lead by Kevin Weaver, Founder and President of Brewmation, and wife Maria Weaver, Vice President of Brewmation. In the truest sense, we are a mom-and-pop shop, but one with the resources, experience, and expertise to serve some of the biggest breweries in the industry!

Our mission has always been to focus on needs and goals of our customers and, despite the company's rapid growth over the past two decades, we've never lost focus on providing a personal experience and first-class customer service. Just like our customers, our business is built on our reputation, and we will always strive to keep our customers happy and brewing!

In addition to our leadership staff, we have a team of expert panel builders, a manufacturing and production team, customer service, and sales. The rest of our team is coming! Below is our team of Sales and Customer Support Specialists that you might talk to...

Kevin Weaver

Founder & CEO

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Maria Weaver

Vice President

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Debbie Schwandt

Customer Service Manager

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John Kalinowsky

Sales Manager

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Michael O'Neill

Brewery Sales Specialist

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JT Murrett

Systems Sales Specialist

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Anthony Speziale

Project Engineer / Service Technician

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