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We are a privately held industrial control manufacturing facility that was founded in 2003, making control systems for Breweries. Headquartered in Hopewell Junction, New York, we have continued to grow and expand into new markets, such as Distilling and Essential Oil Extraction while staying true to our core values. We place the customer first and feel quality, cleanliness and safety should be top priority in all work performed. In addition, we believe work should bring enjoyment and pride, and see all employees as part of the Brewmation Family working as a team to reach our goals.

At Brewmation, our focus is to create control systems that help customers work safer and more efficiently. Being innovative has helped us create safe, reliable systems based on customer and process requirements.

We are an equal opportunity employer (EOE) looking for individuals who take pride in themselves and the work they do. As well as feel that a job is an opportunity to learn new skills and grow while working as a team to ensure total customer satisfaction.

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We're currently offering these services to our customers as part of our turnkey brewery services. After dicussing your plans with one of our Brewery Specialists, we'll put together a preliminary system design and request a building layout. Give us a call to get started!